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Cleaning Classification
1、 玻璃清洗:先用毛察沾上稀释后的玻璃水溶液,均匀的从上到下涂抹玻璃,污渍严重的地方多涂抹几次,然后用玻璃刮刀从上到下刮干净,再用干毛巾擦净框户上留下的水痕,玻璃上的水痕用机皮擦拭干净。
1. Glass cleaning: first, use the gross inspection to stain diluted glass water solution, evenly smear the glass from top to bottom, and then use the glass scraper to scrape clean from top to bottom, then wipe the water marks left on the frame household with a dry towel, and wipe the water marks on the glass with machine skin.
2. Toilet cleaning: wipe the toilet with wet towel and cleaner from top to bottom in an all-round way, focusing on dealing with dead corners, sanitary ware and stainless steel pipe fittings left behind by waste cleaning, and then wipe them with dry towel in an all-round way.
3、 清洗厨房:用湿毛巾再一次全方位的擦拭一遍,着重地面与边角等处,厨具及各种不锈钢管件,然后用干毛巾再重复一次,用不锈钢养护液擦拭各种不锈钢管件。
3. Clean kitchen: wipe all-round with wet towel again, focusing on the ground and corners, Kitchenware and various stainless steel pipe fittings, then repeat with dry towel, wipe all kinds of stainless steel pipe fittings with stainless steel maintenance fluid.
4、 卧室及大厅保洁:用鸡毛掸子清除墙面上的尘土,擦拭开关盒、排风口、空调口、排烟置等。
4. Bedroom and hall cleaning: Clean the dust on the wall with chicken feather duster, wipe the switch box, air outlet, air conditioning outlet, smoke exhaust and so on.
5、 门及框的保洁:把毛巾叠成方块,从上到下擦拭,去掉胶水点等污渍,擦拭门框、门角等易被路忽视的地方,全面擦拭后,喷上家私蜡。
5. Cleaning of doors and frames: fold towels into blocks, wipe them from top to bottom, remove glue spots and other stains, wipe doorframes, corners and other easily overlooked areas, wipe them thoroughly, spray private wax on them.
6、 地面清洗:着重处理开荒保洁遗留下的漆点、胶点等污渍,然后用清洗机对地面进行清洗。
6. Ground cleaning: Focus on the treatment of paint spots, adhesive spots and other stains left behind by cleaning, and then use a cleaning machine to clean the ground.
7、 地角线保洁:用湿毛巾全面擦拭,着重处理没有清洁掉的漆点,再用干毛巾擦拭后分材质而喷上家私蜡。
7. Keeping the corners clean: wipe with a wet towel, focus on the paint spots that have not been cleaned off, and then wipe with a dry towel and spray household wax on different materials.