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Land reclamation program
Waste reclamation is the first clean project, because construction projects often leave a lot of garbage dirt, a variety of ground stones, walls will leave cement slurry, paint, glass glue, water pollution, rust and so on, which must be cleaned in the work of waste reclamation, so it is the most arduous, complex and demanding work, the quality of waste reclamation projects directly affects the future protection. Cleaning work quality and grade, so do a good job in opening up wasteland has very important requirements.
1、 首先清理现场留下的装修垃圾;
1. Clean up the decoration garbage left at the scene first.
2、 由上到下全面吸尘;
2. Full vacuum from top to bottom;
3、 擦玻璃:先用毛巾把玻璃框擦拭干净,再用涂水器沾稀释后的玻璃水溶液,均匀的从上到下涂抹玻璃,有顽固的污渍用铲刀清除干净,再重复以上工序后用刮子从上到下刮干净,用干毛巾擦净框上留下的水痕,玻璃上的水痕用机皮擦拭干净。
3. Glass cleaning: first wipe the glass frame with a towel, then dip the diluted glass water solution with a water applicator, evenly coat the glass from top to bottom, with a spade to clean the stubborn stains, and then repeat the above process with a scraper from top to bottom, wipe the water marks left on the frame with a dry towel, and wipe the water marks on the glass with machine skin.
4、 卫生间:坚持由上而下的原则,首先认清卫生间顶子的材质,是PVC的或是铝塑板还是涂料的,再根据不同的材质用不同的清洁方法进行清洁;用清洁球或是板刷清洗卫生间的墙壁,着重瓷砖的缝隙,和瓷砖表面上遗留的胶迹、涂料点、水泥渍等;用毛巾清洁卫生间的洁具,用不锈钢清洗液针对各种龙头、管件进行清洁;用洗地机对地面进行最后的清洁,由其是地面的边角;最后,检查无遗漏后,再用干毛巾把水龙头等管件擦拭一遍。
4. Toilet: adhere to the principle of top-down, first of all, recognize the material of the top of the toilet, whether it is PVC or aluminium plastic or paint, and then clean the walls of the toilet with different cleaning methods according to different materials; use cleaning balls or board brushes to clean the walls of the toilet, focusing on the crevices of ceramic tiles, and the glue, paint spots and cement stains left on the surface of ceramic tiles; use towels to clean the toilet. Sanitary wares in the living room are cleaned with stainless steel cleaning solution for various faucets and pipe fittings; the floor is cleaned by a floor washer for the last time, which is the corner of the ground; finally, after checking for no omissions, wipe the faucet and other pipe fittings with a dry towel.
5、 厨房:程序同上。注意:因厨房里的不锈钢管件比较多,应是清洁重点。
5. Kitchen: Ibid. Note: Because there are many stainless steel pipes in the kitchen, they should be the focus of cleaning.
6、 卧室及大厅:墙壁用掸子做除尘处理,擦拭开关盒等
6. Bedroom and lobby: the walls are dusted with dusters, switchboxes are wiped, etc.
7、 门及框:分清门的材质,用毛巾擦拭,程序也是从上到下,把毛巾叠成方块,从门的顶部开始从左到右的擦拭,不能有遗漏
7. Door and frame: distinguish the material of the door, wipe it with a towel, the procedure is also from top to bottom, fold the towel into square, wipe it from the top of the door from left to right, no omission.
8、 地面的清洗:把所有的做完以后,就是地面的清洗了,地面也要分材质,是木地板的、还是瓷砖的、或是石材的,当分清后就选择专用清洁剂稀释后,开始清洗。地面上的胶渍可用刀片清除,顽固的可用去胶剂处理;最后一道工序做完后,应由领班全面检查一遍后,确认无遗留后撤离现场。
8. Ground cleaning: After all is done, the ground is cleaned, and the ground should also be divided into material, wood flooring, ceramic tile, or stone, when the distinction is made, choose a special detergent to dilute, and start cleaning. The glue stain on the ground can be removed by blade, and the stubborn glue removal agent can be used to deal with it. After the last process is completed, the foreman should check it thoroughly and confirm that there is no left-over glue and evacuate the scene.
9、 地角线:用毛巾擦拭,(用刀片去掉各种胶迹、涂料点等)。
9. Corner line: wipe with a towel, (remove all kinds of glue marks and paint spots with a knife blade, etc.).